Yellow Sub Solutions is a strategic advisory and project management service. It’s about bringing together technical excellence across a broad range of disciplines to provide you with bespoke solutions to large or complex regeneration projects.  This may be front-end feasibility to inform a potential acquisition or a divestment. Or it may be seeking to find a lateral or innovative remedial solution to overcome a certain set of constraints.  Whatever the brief, the journey towards the right solution is always a partnership between the technical, the commercial and quite often a broad range of stakeholder groups.

Collaboration and Partnerships

In our experience, the best strategies are forged out of collaboration and pooling collected wisdom. Collaboration is at the heart of all that we do, internally and externally.  

Yellow Sub Solutions are effective for two main reasons.  The first is that our team is highly experienced and we are rather good at what we do.  The second is that we know the limits of what we know, and we are not too proud to get help.  In fact, we take this a step further and actively engage and collaborate with other specialists and businesses who excel in their respective fields of expertise. By definition, relying on the skills, knowledge and experience of any one business, no matter how large, is self-limiting and so we unashamedly seek the input and support of others.  This enables us to bring the best available resources to bear on your scheme.  

Solutions to large or complex regeneration schemes require technically defensible, practically deliverable and economically sustainable solutions.  There are commonly a number of moving parts, which are often interlinked, from feasibility & costing through to delivery & verification.  This is often amplified by the sometimes competing and nuanced agendas of different stakeholder groups. 

Yellow Sub Solutions can help you to ask the right questions at the outset.  We can help you with feasibility assessment and to identify critical path items, then to define constraints and assess cost/ risk issues.  It is important to get the right blend of skills and experience on board and at the right time.  We can help you to manage the assembled team of technical experts and contractors to deliver the right solution.  

Broadcoasting at the right frequency

The scale and diversity of technical challenges associated with redeveloping strategic land can be truly imposing at times. Equally, the process of regeneration itself necessitates close co-operation and communication with multi-faceted stakeholder groups.  Often these groups represent a broad range of backgrounds, agendas and degrees of technical knowledge.  In order to help different stakeholders understand the issues, communication needs to be bespoke to each, helping them make suitably informed and assured decisions.  Communicating at the right frequency, to the right audience, is critical for all concerned. 

The essence of Yellow Sub Solutions is to provide technically robust assessment paired with accessible and commercially focused advice. We are well versed at working with a broad range of stakeholders and, critically, at gauging and providing the correct pitch for the technical narrative to ensure we carry and engage the audience.


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