“The reasonable man[woman] adapts himself to the world around him; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

George Bernard Shaw

We are in a state of Climate Emergency. The scale of challenge we collectively face is nothing short of unprecedented within the context of human history on earth. We are already redefining new 'normal' weather patterns accoss the world almost each and every year and none of us are immune.

The solution will require us to innovate and to collaborate around global goals on a scale hitherto unseen  

To meet this challenge we need to become collectively more unreasonable and reject many of lifes perceived defaults.


With a finite number of crew and a seemingly infinite number of challenges, it was apparent from the off that we need help both internally and externally to the business.

Internally, we are striving to create a culture where people feel empowered to innovate, or equally pick up and drive forward the ideas of others.

Externally, we are seeking to export our culture and form collaborative partnerships with a host of movers and shakers. This includes a deliberately broad range of disciplines from Universities, Government and Local Authorities, Developers, Contractors, Planners, Architects, Funders, Insurers through to philosophically aligned individuals. 


Its time to get creative.

As we see it, creativity and innovation are essential ingredients for our survivial as a business and they are also hugely enjoyable parts of the journey. 

At any given time we will have a number of ideas and innovation projects in various phases of gestation.

All of these initatives are aligned with our ethos and we very deliberately involve everyone linked with our business in the creative process.  

Here is a little philosophy close to our hearts to get you fired up:


With commercial self-interest being the traditional modus operandi for most business activities, curating the delicate environment necessary for collaboration and innovation can be a little tricky. 

Sometimes good things can arise when stimulated by simple financial gain. Sometimes the situation requires a different and more altruistic approach to get the right blend of stakeholders into the mix.

We have taken the very deliberate step of setting up a not-for-profit Community Interest Company to sit alongside our Consultancy business. Whilst both are philosophically aligned in terms of purpose, the CIC is intended to help us form strategic partnerships and create things which make an impact rather than necessarily a profit. 

The beauty of CIC’s is that any profits are made available to do more exciting things.


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