Live Life Yellow

By Alex Egan

Live Life Yellow w/c 11th Dec 2017

One of the key metrics for success in creating the Yellow Sub was to achieve a more positive and sustainable Work:Life balance. This is as much about achieving our commercial objectives as it is about helping others out where we can and leaving the right sort of tracks where we tread. This week the balancing act has been pitch perfect!  Here is a little round-up of the highlights……

Monday morning 6AM start. Its dark and sub-zero, and I’m chiselling the ice off the camper van before heading to the beach…..ok so not everyone’s cup of tea so far but stick with me. Sometimes you’ve got to get out yourself out of that nice warm bed to experience things right?  The extra-curricular mission today is to support Cardiff University in making a promotional video to promote their elite performance athlete programme.  There is frost on the cobbles at the beach as the low-angle sun starts to rise over the Jurrasic cliffs -  picture perfect (albeit a little chilly I will concede, even for December).  I’m with the guys from Like an Egg productions as they track Irish Pro Surfer Ayesha Garvey at a secret spot along the South Wales coast.  After a few hours surfing with Ayesha and some of the Cardiff Uni surf crew, we retreat to the warmth of the café on the seafront where I set myself up for a day’s work with tea, cake and Wi-Fi. Sadly my surfing skills were not even close to Ayesha so I didn’t quite make the final edit, but please do take a look at the results (

Much of the rest of the working week is occupied with a hydrological risk assessment and management strategy for Cambridge City Council on super-short turn-around.  I won’t bore you with the details here of course but we were pleased to be involved and the client was pleased with both the results and the responsiveness to tight timelines. 

Back end of the week we receive another plea for help, this time from Orchard, who were making a promotional video for Visit Wales. Now; Orchard are the team behind our branding and our amazing website. So when the call comes in, and it transpires they need somebody to spend a few hours being filmed in the sun on a mountain bike in the woods, I was only too happy to lend a helping hand.  When the filming wrapped, we retreated to a local woodland café to take advantage of the home-made pies, log fires and free Wi-Fi to get cracking on some work. Please do take a look at the video..... ( 

So all in all, this week has set the bar for Work:Life balance, so much so that the usual boundaries between these things are looking pretty fuzzy right now.  We’ve done some interesting and challenging work for appreciative new clients. We’ve worked in a variety of beautiful places from the top of the hills down to the coast (mobile Wi-Fi opens all sorts of possiblities beyond the office). We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with all sorts of interesting and inspirational people from inside and outside of our industry. Above all, its felt hugely gratifying to be able to say yes to people who ask for a little help, and to be in some small way to be part of their journey. 

Lets see where next week takes us…………Live Life Yellow!


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