May 2021: The Yellow Sub Team Finds Affinity in Brecon

By Lowri Hill

With the lifting of lockdown regulations, came a much-needed opportunity for a team getaway. With a full compliment of negative Covid tests in tow, the UK Yellow Sub Geo and Yellow Sub Creative teams meet in person for some fresh air, outdoor activities, cooking, strategizing and merriment in the middle of the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.

Getting Back Out There

Life has changed drastically in the last 18 months, not least because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our team has grown from 5 to 15 in just a few months with projects developing and evolving even more rapidly. Taking some time to step back, take it all in and evaluate the kind of culture and philosophy we’re building within the Yellow Sub was all important. While remote working is our default (pandemic or not), regularly finding connection with our fellow colleagues outside of a video conference setting is something that we value immeasurably. As soon as the Government gave us the green light, we were gone!

Trying Something New

This was a trip of first times for a lot of people. For some that could have been a first time on a water bike or paddle board, a first time trying Perry’s hot sauce and Francois’ sea weed, for others it was a first time trying yoga, first time meeting the team or even first time going on a work trip altogether. Seeing the team explore outside of their comfort zones was a fulfilling, life-affirming and bonding experience.

Putting it Down on Paper

Our key activity was the “Scroll of Power” – the giant sheet of wallpaper that we embellish, graffiti and tattoo with our ideas, hopes and ambitions for the future of Yellow Sub. The world is our oyster, and no passion project is out of reach, the first step is simply to get it down on paper. The real pleasure comes a year later, when the original illustrators unfurl the old scroll and take a moment or two to reflect on the successes, failures, and unforeseen events that occurred.

Getting to Know You

More than just a getaway for prescribed activities, shop talk and presentations, our trip was an opportunity to simply be in each other’s company and to get to know the people behind the screen. Every day we log on and say hi to from kitchen tables, bedrooms, and make-shift offices and while remote working has a tonne of environmental and wellbeing benefits, there’s nothing quite like the in-person interactions and unplanned dynamics of a group of people together, bonding over a big bowl of chilli.

Director Alex Egan had this to say about what we're sure will become a historic trip in Yellow Sub History,

"If you are going to take moon shots….. best find yourself a team of super-star Astronauts! It’s an absolute pleasure and a privilege to share in adventures over land and sea aboard the Yellow Sub with such a formidable cohort of beautiful and talented humans."

We’re feeling refreshed, realigned, and refocused.

Here’s to #livinglifeyellow, here’s to now!


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