Yellow Sublime Award - Genesis

By Alex Egan

Introducing 'The Yellow Sublime Award'

The perfect fusion of solid rock, cutting edge design and 3D printed wizardry. Globally revered and coveted. Bestowed only upon the select and worthy few. Passed from champion to champion amongst the true bringers of fun, passion and wonder to the world. To those rejecting life's defaults and making a difference. To those helping others and helping us all to think a little differently. We salute you!

The award was designed in Wales with thanks to the wonderful team at Orchard 

3D Printed in the USA

And launched into the World from the roof of Africa 5895m above sea level at the top of the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro (with very special thanks to a very special lady! Indeed the very first honorary Yellow Sublime Award recipient) 

But that’s for the next Chapter…….

Watch this space for more on chronicles of the Yellow Sublime Award  #yellowsublimeaward


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