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The founding Directors of the Yellow Sub have spent the best part of two decades within top-flight multi-national Engineering and Consultancy businesses. They have built and led award winning teams both within the UK and internationally and worked on major projects at the forefront of the industry.

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Gareth Owen

Gareth is a highly adept and versatile technical practitioner.  His experience of interpreting the sub-surface is broad and his knowledge and ability to think both methodically and laterally is second to none.  In every organisation he has worked, he has found himself at the front, leading and mentoring the technical development of those around him at all levels.  A Chartered Geologist with a solid foundation in brownfield land regeneration, Gareth also has extensive experience of wider environmental consultancy, and excels in delivering technically complex and challenging projects.

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Alex Egan

Alex loves to make things better.  Be it professional or personal, he is a positive and creative thinker with an infectious enthusiasm for life.  Professionally, Alex has built his career on identifying problems and providing innovative solutions.  Over two decades in the environmental consultancy industry, he has accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge and commercial experience, delivering a diverse range of projects for private and public-sector clients.  Alex's experience is allied to his personable nature and open communication style. 

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Jacob Brotherton

Jacob is a rising star in the geo-environmental consultancy arena and never happier than working through complicated technical problems. After smashing his undergraduate studies between Universities in Cardiff and Stockholm, Jacob spent a few years in a specialist Consultancy team, and most recently a short stint within a large multi-national business before joining the motley crew of the Yellow Sub for an entirely different sort of adventure.  

James Mortimer
Operations Director

Say hello to Yellow Sub Geo’s new Operations Director! For nearly 20 years, James has been an expert in the land regeneration space, working on a multitude of projects. He is most recognised for his achievements in geotechnical engineering, from transactional due diligence, strategic land development and planning associated with greenfield and brownfield sites, through to construction support, and dilapidation and permit surrender surveys.

Sustainability has always been key in both James’ work and home environments from the little things such as choosing a pure renewable energy provider to spending much of his time in the great outdoors on foot, bike, swimming or canoe.  James brings this ethos into his professional life wherever possible and is the driving force behind his ambitions to create sustainable developments and communities.

Anneliese Whiteley

Anneliese studied BSc Geology (Hons) at Cardiff University, where she undertook fieldwork in a variety of locations in the UK and Europe, including mapping in Scotland for her final year dissertation project. After graduation she worked as a data analyst, based in Oxfordshire. Two years and one promotion later she decided to pick up a backpack and see the world. After 9 months in South and Central America, Mexico, SE Asia, New Zealand and Fiji, she landed in Australia. Here she worked a variety of jobs, including training and working as an open water scuba dive instructor on an island in northern Queensland. This all gave her the drive to get back to her roots in geoscience, so she returned to Cardiff to take a place on the Applied Environmental Geology MSc at Cardiff University. The next step in her journey is now underway as a valued crew member aboard the Yellow Sub. 

Lowri Hill
Head of Communications and Engagement

Like most millennials, Lowri knows a thing or two about social. However, what brought her to the Yellow Sub Geo team is her innate ability to use digital platforms as a medium for storytelling.

Since graduating with a degree in French and Spanish in 2016, Lowri has dedicated her career to digital marketing, curating and managing campaigns for a wide range of clients from fashion start-ups to multi-national conglomerates. More recently, her Spanish skills have been reduced to nailing the tapas order, however her interest for diverse cultures, humans and stories continues to drive her work. Catch her on Instagram stories, climbing the nearest Welsh mountain or sampling the latest dish from the trendiest food truck.

Mary Jeddere-Fisher
Hydro Specialist

Three things have the potential to keep Mary up all night: A good jigsaw puzzle, a night sail dodging the waves, and a nice tricky bit of coding to get her head round. So what could be better than making a career from problem solving, numerical modelling and a bit of python coding all in the field of hydraulics - on board the Yellow Sub?

Mary has 10 years’ experience of the consulting industry, applying her mathematical training to a range of challenges from flooding to droughts and water quality modelling to modelling of complex structures using computational fluid dynamics.  She is energised by each new challenge and is continuously on the look-out for ways to improve how modelling results are visualised and communicated (as well as the next anchorage to spend the night in).

Ed Holland
Senior Data ML Engineer

Not one for taking the path well travelled, Ed has always been driven by understanding the hows and whys of the world. It started with a Chemistry PHD where he developed the first totally renewable, completely artificial photosynthesis and went on to a career in system design and distributed computing.

For Ed, joining Yellow Sub Geo feels like completing the circle. He’s able to use the skills he’s developed in software and data to contribute to a game changing climate science project. All the while, sound tracked by some amazing tunes. Ed has always been big into music despite not playing himself – his record collection is vast from outlaw country to punk, new wave and rock n roll. When not at his desk, you’ll find him down the internet rabbit hole, discovering the latest and greatest inventions!

Associate Yellow Sub Crew

Our Associate crew work directly for Yellow Sub Geo Ltd under sub-consultancy agreements, providing a seamless consultancy solution for our clients.

During our journey towards creating the Yellow Sub, we have had the good fortune to work alongside some very talented individuals and industry leaders in their technical fields.  It is now our great pleasure and privilege to count some of these amongst our crew.

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Kelly Coombes
BA Hons. Political Science (Bishop's University Qubec) & MSc Environmental Policy , Planning and Regulation (LSE)

Kelly joins the crew of the Yellow Sub from a heavy-weight career in the insurance industry.  She has worked in a senior management capacity for a range of global companies across Europe, Middle East and Africa including; Lloyds of London, JLT, AON and AIG.  Having pursued, and indeed found ‘success’ in a conventional sense, Kelly is now determined to do something bigger than herself in the creation of sustainable global communities.  Yep, that big!   

Mike Carter
BSc (1st Class Hons), Msc, CEng, MICE (Retired)

Mike Carter is an authority on all things geotechnical, with an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject.

Mike has worked both in the UK and overseas. During his career he has spent 20 years in consultants’ offices, 12 years on construction sites and 13 years in lecturing and training, including about 14 years spent overseas. He is the author of three books on geotechnical engineering.

So whilst most geo-technical engineers might have read the book, Mike wrote it. But that's only part of the story. The thing that really sets Mike apart is his ability to communicate complex matters simply and accessibly. He writes beautifully and presents with rare empathy for those less knowledgeable (which is more or less everybody). To us, this really is the essence of what good consultancy should be. Mike sets the bar for what we have set out to achieve, and we could not be more pleased that he has agreed to join and support us on our journey with the Yellow Sub. 

Julia Fernley
BA, MSc., FGS, CGeol, RoGEP (specialist)

Julia is the embodiment of best practice in ground engineering.  She is also an Oxford graduate, a Chartered Geologist, a Registered Ground Engineering Specialist and a scrutineer of applications for Chartership of the Geological Society of London and for the Register of Ground Engineering Professionals.

Julia brings to bear a wealth of knowledge and experience of geotechnical investigation, assessment, and engineering. Her career has been wide ranging, encompassing the expected road, rail, water and deveopment projects within the UK, but also studies of offshore shallow soils for cable and pipeline burial in places as far afield as South America, Nigeria and the seas around Europe. 

Never afraid to get close to the action, Julia is equally at home in the field as she is in the office. Amongst Julia’s many strengths is her ability to appraise and critically evaluate large volumes of data, to provide meaningful and pragmatic ground engineering solutions.  If you want a job done right, you could not wish for a better engineer than Julia and we are hugely excited that she has decided to climb aboard the Yellow Sub (she went and got this profile photo especially for us....).

Bob Sargent
BA, CSci, CEnv. MBA, Honorary President CIWEM, Past President British Hydrological Society

Bob is a real waterman. His career and credentials speak for themselves.

During his 40 years in the industry, Bob has experience working both sides of the regulatory fence, and so can provide invaluable insight and understanding in brokering solutions to complex issues.  Working in both the UK and internationally, Bob’s specialisms include; flood risk/ consequence assessments, habitat management and enhancement; flood management and climate change; provision of expert witness services in hydrology and water management and the authoring of Environmental Statement chapters.

Through his deep understanding Bob is able to articulate the complex interaction of the water environment with human and natural processes in a disarmingly simple yet authoritative way. 

Above all, you will find Bob is a gentleman. As a lover of water-going vessels, we are extremely pleased he has decided to board the Yellow Sub.


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