Hydraulic modelling unlocks redevelopment of a former Gasworks

Yellow Sub Geo undertook a programme detailed groundwater modelling and provided a specification for an array of wells to monitor and capture the groundwater within the chalk Principal Aquifer.  This was subsequently augmented by technical support to the aquifer pump testing and the calibration of the model in order to enable the project to attain regulatory approval prior to commencement of piling. 

Yellow Sub Geo were approached by a remediation contractor in the early stages of delivering the re-development of this former gasworks site for a regional housing developer.  The site is situated on a chalk Principal Aquifer, and the agreed remediation strategy included a groundwater monitoring and capture array at the down-gradient end of the site.  This was part of the overall package of mitigation works to control risks posed by the residual gasworks contamination to the aquifer during the piling phase of construction.  

Yellow Sub Geo’s brief on the project was to undertake modelling to enable us to specify a monitoring and capture array.  This needed to be capable of controlling the risk posed to the nearby public water abstraction during piling.  This was followed up by support to the contractor in their delivery of an aquifer pump test in order that we could calibrate the constructed model with reality.  At the time of appointment the project was under significant pressure in order to meet the deadline for piling rig mobilisation, and we delivered the work on an expedited timescale.  The project remains ongoing.


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