We specialise in solving challenging hydrogeological problems through analysis and modelling.  Water is our most precious resource, but its presence and flow through the sub-surface can also represent a constraint to development projects.  Whether you see groundwater as a resource or constraint, or whether you are seeking to dewater or impound water, we will be able to help.  Our real strength is that we combine our specialist knowledge in applied maths and physics with years of practical experience in the field.  This makes our advice pragmatic and proportionate. 

International expertise

We have hydrogeological project experience across the globe, from the karst regions of Ireland, the rainy climates of England and Wales, to the rain forests, Great Plains and northern boreal forest of North America, to the arid regions of Australia and the Middle East.  Our expertise extends from technical modelling and assessment to site supervision of drilling and pumping test crews.

Keep it Simple

Our philosophy is to keep it simple

Today’s technology market offers an expanding number of options to analyse and model groundwater problems, with a seemingly bewildering array of analytical, semi-analytical, analytical element, finite difference, and finite element methods, to name a few!  We can deploy these as required, but our philosophy is to keep it simple. When selecting the most appropriate assessment and modelling methodology, often the best choice is the simplest one that enables a clear solution. We always aim to select the most cost-effective methodology.

The ability to 'keep it simple' comes from a deep understanding of the complexity of groundwater systems and their interplay with numerous natural and man-made factors.  This enables us to be more creative than simply deploying a "black-box" model that may have limited relation to reality.

Sometimes, groundwater and its behaviour can be far from simple. As the need arises, we have the capability to model the most complex interactions.

Applied knowledge

We can deploy our groundwater expertise to serve a wide range of projects.  Perhaps groundwater is a potential resource that you wish to sustainably exploit? Or is groundwater preventing you from progressing with your development?  Are you a mining engineer looking for a pragmatic dewatering solution?  Or are you looking to assess the feasibility of impounding tailings or slurry?  Our expert team of professional engineers and geoscientists can help in the assessment, development, and optimization of groundwater resources and groundwater control for use in residential, municipal, agricultural and industrial applications.

Groundwater resource assessment

The presence of clean, plentiful groundwater beneath your property could represent an untapped resource that could be sustainably utilised, be that as feedwater or cooling water for an industrial process, or as a source of potable water.  The key to unlocking this resource is understanding, both of the potential resource quantity and quality, and of the potential environmental impacts that a new or increased abstraction may represent. 

We are specialists in the investigation and assessment of groundwater resource, and in the assessment of environmental impact.  Our team has helped many clients make sustainable use of groundwater, including navigating through the associated risk assessment and permitting processes.  Whether you require a preliminary opinion on feasibility, or a full scale detailed investigation and assessment, we will be able to help.  Examples include analytical catchment-scale models, regional groundwater resource management plans, evaluations of safe yields for aquifer systems and delineation of well capture zones.

Groundwater control

Groundwater can present a serious constraint to development.  Dealing with groundwater in excavations can be costly, be that as part of construction projects or for large-scale mining and tunnelling operations.  Our team of specialist engineers and hydrogeologists are adept at developing dewatering strategies that can facilitate projects to progress. 

Conversely, the control of waste waters, slurries and tailings are an integral part of responsible operation for extractive and industrial sites.  Their sustainable and efficient design usually requires consideration of groundwater behaviour, be that through natural soils and rock, or through man-made dams and containment structures. Our team is experienced at deploying our skills to inform the design of tailings and waste management areas, containment dykes and berms, slurry walls and other permeability-barriers.

Groundwater clean-up

The presence of contaminated groundwater represents a potential risk and a potential liability to the landowner or polluter.  Our expert team has a history of successful design and delivery of complex groundwater clean-up projects.  Our risk assessment and modelling services are routinely used to inform the design of sampling and monitoring networks, to evaluate alternative remedial options, to develop and implement decommissioning strategies and to predict the effectiveness of alternative strategies in mitigating environmental impact.

Again, our philosophy here is to keep it simple.  If a simple assessment founded in strong science and experience can suffice in solving a problem, then we will avoid the need for complex modelling and assessment where possible.  Conversely, where a complex mathematical modelling solution is required, we have the knowledge required.  Simplicity is also of paramount importance in the solutions we identify, ensuring that the headache of a groundwater contamination problem can be solved as efficiently, pragmatically and sustainably as possible.

Environmental impact 

The interaction of groundwater and ecosystems is complex and multi-faceted.  Groundwater can often be a critical component underpinning rare and fragile habitats, and an alteration to the groundwater regime through abstraction or control can cause unintended and significant environmental damage.

Our team has experience in the assessment and prediction of the environmental impacts that can occur as a result of groundwater management, having worked for both regulators and consultants on a wide range of projects where hydrogeology and ecology have strong links.  We can provide specialist input to environmental assessment studies for a wide range of projects, and are adept at tailoring our technical output to suit a range of stakeholders, be they fellow specialists, quarry managers or environmental regulators.  Our team also has experience working for regulators in defining protection zones. 

If groundwater is involved, we can help you assess the environmental impact of your project or activity.


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